I created Tiny Tech Academy to celebrate American diversity while giving ALL children access to Computer Science education.  Our Internet safety and Social Media Etiquette lessons will prepare children for a positive web experience.  

At Tiny Tech Academy tech education is intertwined with the every day lives of our diverse cast.  We align with the idea that diversity offers significant benefits for teams focused on creativity and innovation.    By giving everyone a “friend” that represents a specific minority group we hope to facilitate cultural acceptance.  Tiny Tech Academy will highlight the commonalities we share with one another outside of our appearances.  

Teach, Inspire, change 

 In order to diversify the future of technology, minority children need to see themselves as powerful components in the field. Tiny Tech Academy will...

  •  Learn how to use tech at home in a safe and smart manner.

  •  bring basic computer and internet language into the average household.

  • introduce opportunity to a growing community of minorities who have been largely typecast; even in cartoons!

  •  teach viewers; Internet Safety (browsing, research, social media etiquette); Coding; Application design and usage; Web design; Hardware design, care and usage; Shortcuts, tips and tricks to enhance usage.

  • Showcase minority tech role models doing amazing things in technology.